The Power of Museums

UMAC 2022 20-28 August 2022, Prague, Czech Republic Integrated in the 26th ICOM General Conference For the first time ever, four important committees of ICOM join efforts in Prague to organise a super conference encompassing university museums and collections (UMAC), natural history museums ( NATHIST), museums and collections of ethnography ( ICME) and regional museums ( ICR). The theme of the joint conference will be ‘THE POWER OF MUSEUMS: SUSTAINABILITY‘. This will be a hybrid conference, aligned with ICOM 2022. Registrations, fees, accommodation and general information is provided at the  ICOM 2022 website. General Information on ICOM 2022 Prague  ICOM 2022 Booklet Read more

The ICOM Prague International Symposium 2021

Prague: 25–27 August 2021 Every year preceding an ICOM General Conference, an International Symposium is held in the host city to introduce the main themes. For the first time, this pre-conference will be hybrid, opening the doors for a wider, international participation. ICOM Prague International Symposium 2021 will provide an overview of the upcoming ICOM Prague 2022 General Conference, from the axis of the scientific programme to the new hybrid infrastructure. Read more

XLI Scientific Instrument Symposium

The Past, Present, and Future of Scientific Instrument Studies We will take the 40th anniversary of the Scientific Instrument Symposia as an occasion to discuss how the study of scientific instruments has changed in the last four decades and where we stand today. Are we now studying different kinds of instruments? Has the very definition of what is a scientific instrument changed? Are we studying the same instruments in a different way and within different contexts? How have the questions we seek to answer and our methodologies changed? What about our disciplinary and regional boundaries? While it comes natural for a historian to historicise their own past, we should think in the same way about the future of scientific instrument studies. What are our new objects and objectives? While we are comfortable as a community of scientific instrument enthusiasts, we want to remain open to new scholars, new methods and new approaches to instruments, and aim to extend our geographical reach. The theme “The Past, Present, and Future of Scientific Instrument Studies” was chosen for the 41st Scientific Instrument Symposium long before the recent and sudden demise of Paolo Brenni, former President of the Scientific Instrument Commission, but we believe… Lees verder

The Making of the Humanities X

Pittsburgh, November 3-5, 2022 We are delighted to announce that Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) together with the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) will organize the 10th Making of the Humanities conference, from 3 till 5 November 2022. The conference site will be the Wyndham Hotel (Wyndham Pittsburgh University Center). More information on how to reserve a room with special conference rate will be posted in May 2022. Read more