Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Stevin Conference: Teaching the history of knowledge: purposes, problems, practices?

20 maart 2019


As historians and teachers we firmly believe that history courses provide added value to education in the sciences, humanities, medicine and engineering. Students, program directors and staff do not always recognize this value. How do we bring the message of the relevance of our courses across? And what exactly is our message?

What, for instance, is the added value for medical students of a course in the history of medicine? Which competences do we aim for in our teaching? And how can we optimize our teaching and cater to the needs of several different target groups? How do we deal with the Eurocentrism or the underrepresentation of women, typical of traditional histories of science? Should we integrate historical reflection in disciplinary courses, or perhaps in HPS or STS courses? These questions are central in a one-day conference, organized by the VU Stevin Centre to celebrate its fifth anniversary.

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