Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Rethinking monographs: academic book publishing and open access

23 maart 2020


On 23 March, the University of Groningen Library will host a symposium on open access book publishing focusing on the humanities and social sciences.

The symposium will feature talks by Marcel Knöchelmann (University College London/Yale University), Dr. Rose Harris-Birtill (Open Library of Humanities/University of St Andrews), Hans de Jonge (Open Science policy officer, Dutch Research Council, NWO) and Prof. Lisa Herzog (Faculty of Philosophy, University of Groningen).

Monographs and edited volumes remain important publication channels in the humanities and social sciences. However, open access book publishing is still in its early stages and funder open access mandates for books are largely undeveloped if compared to those applying to journal articles. By bringing together experts, researchers, funders and publishers, this event will reflect on the status of academic book publishing and discuss the challenges and opportunities involved in the implementation of open access in the humanities and social sciences.

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