Openingsbanner expositie Meester in variatie. Het werk van Bernard Reith in al zijn schakeringen.

Meester in Variatie: Bernard Reith in al zijn schakeringen

T/m 15 juni 2024


Maastricht University’s Special Collections in collaboration with the Art and Heritage Committee proudly presents an exclusive exhibition featuring the illustrious Reith Library, a treasure trove encapsulating the legacy of Dutch illustrator Bernard Reith (1894-1974).

This remarkable special collection boasts over a thousand meticulously curated works comprising illustrations, writings, and curated pieces about the nuances of illustration, art history, and drawing. Embark on a journey through time and artistry as the exhibition, titled Master in variation: the work of Bernard Reith in all its nuances, showcases unique pieces from Maastricht University’s Special Collections and from the Reith family archive.

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