International conference on the decolonisation of museums – ICOM Working Group on Decolonisation

17 juni 2024


The concept of decolonising museums means different things in different parts of the world. ICOM, the International Council of Museums, established a Working Group on Decolonisation. The Working Group will meet in June in the Netherlands, and during this conference they will share experiences from their daily practice, offering a broad variety of perspectives.

Speakers from Barbados, Benin, Canada, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Taiwan and Zambia, as well as from European countries, will shed light on what decolonisation means for their work. Many museums were established through colonialism. Discussions will include how to decolonise archival and artifact collections, how to work with diaspora communities and Indigenous peoples to reconcile colonial histories, how to renew conventional colonial museums and unpack colonial legacies, how to build a museum in the post-colonial era, the challenges countries and communities of origin meet in claiming back their cultural belongings, and what working in this field implies for the wellbeing of museum staff.

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