Imaging the Shadows of Supermassive Black Holes with the Event Horizon Telescope

11 mei 2024


Black holes emerge as one of the most peculiar predictions by Einstein’s theory of general relativity. They are extreme concentrations of matter, with a gravitational pull so intense that it prevents even light from escaping.

Although we cannot see the black hole itself because it is completely dark, the glowing gas around it reveals a distinctive signature: a dark central region (called a ‘shadow’) surrounded by a bright ring-like structure.

In 2019, the first-ever visual of a black hole made world headlines. This image of the supermassive black hole M87* was followed by the image of Saggitarius A*, the black hole located at the center of our own galaxy. In this lecture, Noemi will discuss the techniques they’ve developed to photograph the shadow of these supermassive black holes using the Event Horizon Telescope—a network of telescopes spread across the globe.

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