‘Dutch Textiles in Global History

11 maart 2021 t/m 12 maart 2021


‘Dutch Textiles in Global History: Interconnections of Trade, Design and Labour, 1600-2000’ – 11 & 12 March 2021

On 11 and 12 March, the ERC-project “Race to the bottom?”, Utrecht University, in collaboration with Hosei University, Tokyo, and Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, will hold a two day workshop in which an interdisciplinary range of scholars will discuss the role of Dutch textiles in global markets from the seventeenth to the late twentieth century. The event will be held online, using Zoom.

The workshop focuses on the Dutch textile industry and trade, because the Dutch textile trade and industry have had a global outreach since the seventeenth century. However, their trajectories, interactions and products have not generally been positioned in a global or comparative context. For example, how did Dutch trade policies in textile product ranges, tariffs and labour organisation compare to and link with the English and others? This workshop also aims to address the following questions: How has the Dutch textile industry been influenced by its global connections and, vice versa, how have Dutch textile exports influenced other regions? How did the Dutch connect to or disconnect from differentiated textile markets and consumption tastes, for instance by linking, transferring and imitating designs and values of certain products? How did other players on the world market respond?

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