Architecture EHV 2021

T/m 01 oktober 2021


The best TU/e graduation projects in architecture and urbanism

The best graduation projects from TU/e in architecture and urbanism continue to confront pressing societal issues by blurring the disciplinary boundaries of architecture and urbanism.

The relentless toll of modernity—and how architecture and urbanism can and should respond to it—is explored in this year’s selection of the TU/e’s best graduation projects. These projects endeavor to instrumentalize architecture and urbanism to question and reflect on our contemporary condition by raising questions, revealing structures, and taming forces that continue to organize our everyday experience.
Shaping spaces and lives, these projects also express how future architects and urbanists can profoundly question their disciplines. By exploring their discourses and approaches and going beyond their established disciplinary boundaries, they have turned their designs into projects of awareness. While the future remains forever uncertain, this remarkable collection of projects already restates the agency of architecture and urbanism to engage with the larger context of contemporary ideas and discourse. Ultimately, these projects provide but a short reflection to how the education of architecture and urbanism at TU/e continues to advance architectural and urban discourse through ambitious design.

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